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Monday, June 15, 2009

Friday, June 12, 2009

Lakers lucky?

When it comes to these NBA finals, I can't stand to see the joy of those Laker fans. They are so cocky, and they think their team is actually the best in basketball. There are fans that say that the Magic are an easy match up for the Lakers, and after watching the first four games they are still insisting. I believe that the Lakers not only lost last year to the Celtics, but they might have also came in contact with the "four leaf clovers" because they are nothing but lucky in these playoffs. 
They beat the Rockets, in which Yao Ming was missing in action. They got very lucky against the Nuggets (Blame the refs). Now they are getting even luckier against the Magic. First game should have went to Lakers, without a doubt but the second game should have went to the Magic. The Magic missed a lay up with .6 seconds to go. in which Gasol should have been called for goaltending. Even the Lakers head coach, Phil Jackson, admitted it. Game three should have went to the Magic without a  doubt, but game four was a different story. If it wasn't for Dwight Howard missing both free throws, when he only had to make one to secure the win, the  Lakers would have never won.
The Lakers are up 3-1 but it can easily be the  other way. The Magic are a great match up for the Lakers without a doubt! I still do not think the championship is out of reach for the Magic. Just like the Lakers have proved, luck is a big factor in the NBA, and if the Magic has that luck bounce their way, then the series can flip to their side.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rex Ryan Vs. Channing Crowder

Rex Ryan, from the New York JETS, came out in the past week, taking charge. He fired at the Patriots saying that he was not afraid of them, and he thinks they can take care of business in the AFC east. Crowder, Captain and Linebacker for the Dolphins, went on to fire at Rex telling him that he won the super bowl of OTA's. Now, there is a lot of controversy on both of these characters. 

First off, let me state that both of these guys are wrong! Rex Ryan is just an example of why I hate the JETS as well as their fans very much. The JETS have a terrible history. There i no reason why a head coach should come out and say the things he did. He is suppose to be a good humble example to his players. Plus, what has Rex accomplished in his short career. He isn't a mastermind when it comes to defense. I mean face it, I can coach the Ravens defense and look good. So Rex please shut up, and show the results before talking about them.

As much as I love the Dolphins, and respect all the players, Crowder has no history to talk smack. He has been to the playoffs once in his career, and one good reason for that could be the fall of Tom Brady, Quarterback for the Patriots. I never support when a player from the Dolphins talk smack, unless they played in 1972. The Dolphins history is almost as bad as the JETS. So, Crowder do me a favor, Stop talking smack, and give us fans what we hav been waiting for since before I was born, a Super Bowl!

Monday, June 1, 2009

The King Dethroned!

 It has been forty nights of watching commercials of Lebron James and Kobe Bryant. It has been forty nights of me hoping that one of them fall off just so that ESPN and every other network that used those commercials feel stupid! In case you haven't heard, Lebron got "Das Boot" a few days ago, when his team got demolished by the Magic. Now, personally, I'm glad that Lebron didn't make it to the championship! 

Lebron already got the honor of being named MVP. If he would have won the championship, then he would have had one more thing then Dwyane Wade! Wade already won the championship, while being MVP of it. He has something much more important then The King himself. Now, there is also another reason that makes me happy to see Mr. James out. 

With the Cavs missing the playoffs, Lebron has to be tired of them. This just gives him another reason to leave. Like most sports fans know, the Heat have the most salary space when it comes to the year of 2010, which is the biggest year  in free agency ever. The biggest players of the game go into the market of bidding wars. It is possible that Lebron can end up with one of his best buddies in Miami. Now how nice would that be, Flash and the King together. It will be a comic where there are 2 super-heroes. Not one and a sidekick, like Batman and Robin. Flash and the King will be like, Batman and Spiderman working together in the same movie. Now, you tell me who wins that battle? The Heat will be the best team ever winning multiple championships! No Krpytonight will stop them! But, this is only one possible scenario that I hope to see come true.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Marlins are still drowning! MVP is almost OUT!

When it comes to Sports in the past week, I can't help but to be frustrated on what the Marlins have done! It is sad to see a team that had everyone with their eyes wide open, to see a team that has everyone with their eyes shut! These Marlins are hard to watch. It is sad to see all the errors on the field of play. I just hope they can find a strong team before they move into the new stadium. To be honest I have had more focus on the NBA playoffs.

These playoffs are having everyone watching them, even my fiancee. All the games in the Eastern and Western finals are are literally depending on the last shot. The dream match up that everyone has been wanting to watch is little by little fading away! Lebron and the Cavs are down 3-1 to the Magic, and the Lakers are struggling more then ever against the Nuggets. All I have to say is, I will be a happy camper if Lebron gets the boot. That will mean that Wade would have a championship, and Mr. MVP wouldn't.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Why sports? Why Miami?

I am taking a communications class, and in this class I have to set up a blog that involves my greatest passion. I quickly, with out a doubt, chose to blog about the professional teams in Miami. Miami is the great city in which my Argentine parents chose to have me, and in this city is where my heart lyes. I am a huge fan of every team down here, and I follow all of them. I have shed tears of pain and of glory.

I was either in the stadiums/arenas or cheering in front of a T.V. the year of 2007-2008 when each and everyone one of this beautiful city's teams crumbled and embarrassed us. In case you forgot, the Panthers were way out of the playoff picture like usual. The Marlins put all of our hopes up throughout the season, just to have us be METS spoilers. The HEAT, don't even let me get started, 15-67, that was just pathetic. And last, and definitely the least that year was the terrible, awful, dreadful, horrible, horrific, appalling, horendous, 1-15 Dolphins.

I went to a lot of those games for a lot of those teams because I love them all, but if I had to pick one that I love most, it is the Miami Dolphins. My brother and I had just gotten season tickets, for the first time, that same season. We went to every game hopeful, but we always ended up very disappointed. I remember my brother telling me, after the Dolphins were 0-5, that if we were to go 0-10 he will just take off his clothes and go streaking. He obviously didn't think that was going to happen, and when it did, it turned out to be a bluff. We were there in all the games, in the very hot sun, just to see all those dolfans, or should I say, FAKE Dolfans, leave early. My brother and I have a pact, "We arrive before the game starts, and leave whenever the game ENDS." To all you fake fans, that means when there is no more time on the clock, not at a certain score!

People asked us "Why do you guys keep on going? Why don't you just save your tailgating money, and sale your tickets?" The answer to that is because "IT IS WORTH IT!" I'm never going to forget that one game against the Ravens. It was a handful of us Dolfans there, but those were the fans that I loved. The ones that did not care about the record. The ones that remembered all the good seasons the Dolphins have had in history. The ones that were proud of being a Dolfan, whether they were undefeated, or in the case that year winless! If I had to remember one play in my young Dolfan life, it was definitely that post pattern, that was ran by a small white guy, that no one knew in overtime. That perfect throw that hit this white guys hands, and finally him blowing by the safety, just to have all of us Dolfans in shock and tears! This guy ended up being Camarillo, our hero! I enjoyed that win more then any other win since I have been alive, not because we were not winless anymore, but because I knew right there at that time that I am a real FAN!

So why did I pick Miami sports? Because in my opinion there is none better. We have the only team that has ever made it through a whole season undefeated, and WON the Superbowl, unlike you Patriots, close but no cigar! We have the only team that has a 100% in playoff appearances leading to World Series, and both were as big underdogs. For those of you that complain and say that it was only twice, don't forget, the Marlins were born in 1993! Last but not least, we have a team that has a player named "Mr. Wade", whom already brought us a championship!